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Living your best life with your pet

Team Mittens

Some of you have asked why we founded Dear Mittens. Here is our story.

Dear Mittens was created to help pet parents live their best lives with their pets. We know that there is a tribe of pet parents out there who love their pets like family. But we know that keeping our family members healthy can be tough, especially when they can’t tell us how they feel.

We are pet parents who became pet wellness experts out of necessity. The petcare system is difficult to navigate. There can be guilt and blame when our pets are suffering and we feel helpless. But there are forward thinking veterinarians, holistic care providers and a community out there that can help.

At Dear Mittens we are on a mission to be your community, and to provide you and your pet the best possible pet wellness advice, products and services out there.

We believe in both western and holistic pet medicine, we believe in prevention rather than cure, and so we seek out the unique yet proven services that can help your furbaby thrive. We know that changing behaviors and lifestyles is hard so we will meet you where you are.

We don’t preach, but if you work with us we will check in ... just enough to make sure that you are both doing well.

Our promise is simple. We want every pet and their parent to find their tribe and live their best life. Come join us!

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