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5 TIPS to keep your furbaby healthy and happy

The Mittens Team

Whether you’ve just added a new pet to the family or have had your pet for years, you may be wondering "What are the best ways to care for my pet and avoid health problems later in life?"

As pet owners ourselves, the team at Mittens has thought about this long and hard! So we came up with a list of easy to do's that can keep your furbaby healthy and your mind at ease.

1. Diet: Make sure your pet is getting a high quality diet formulated for their biological needs. For instance cats are obligate carnivores and must eat meat! Dogs on the other hand are considered omnivores though they may have a toxic response to certain plant based foods. But each pet is different depending on their breed, age and environment. Infact your lifestyle may play a big role in figuring out your pet's diet! So do your research and get advice from the vet, other pet owners or your Mittens concierge.

2. Exercise: Keeping your pet active everyday by going on walks with dogs or indoor playtime with cats is such a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy. 50% of pets in America are overweight and obesity contributes to so many health issues (arthritis, metabolic disease, and cardiovascular disease). Exercise is the cheapest way to avoid them!

3. Dental care: How often do you brush your teeth and go to the dentist? Brushing your pet's teeth can prevent diseases and costly extractions when they are older. At your next visit, ask your veterinarian if she recommends a dental procedure for your pet.

4. Find a great vet: Regular visits and performing annual blood work is key to ensuring good health. Make sure you trust your vet and can easily communicate with them as needed. Don't skip the annual check ups because your pet can't tell you if they don't feel well!

5. Spay or neuter: It may seem obvious, but many pet owners forgo the spay/neuter procedure. We understand that life gets in the way. But research shows that fixing your pet decreases the risk of uterine infections, breast cancer, testicular cancer, and prostate problems. It also reduces the number of animals in shelters each year. A win- win for all!

Okay, we lied. We actually have a 6th tip for you...

6. Insurance: Insurance can seem frustrating and an unnecessary expense. But as your pet gets older it can save you $$$ and spare you some tough decisions. If you need help figuring which policy to buy, talk to your Mittens concierge. We are here to assist!

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